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Rosie's World of Royalty

Royal Ficton

Willam and Sally

Chapter 2

After a day Baby was not found and the family kept going thru life as normal. Sally as well. They just kept going. Life went on. They appeared in public as if nothing was amiss. They had not stopped being royal because there son was missing. The world came first.

The girls kept taking lessons in the schoolroom at the palace. (Their mother was against sending royal children to school.) They were unemotional like their mother.

* * *

Two days after baby was first reported missing Sally and William decided that their daughters would be safest if few people knew where they were. The Queen suggested Windsor Castle. William thought Balmoral Castle would be a good choice. Prince Harry wanted them at Kensington Palace. Sally thought of Hampton Court, but changed her mind because it would be a little drafty. They decided on Windsor Castle.

* * *

(Windsor Castle, March 24)

Princesses Elizabeth, Anastasia, and Zinnia arrived at Windsor Castle in an Edinburgh Green Range Rover. A Roles-Royce would have made heads turn. Not the best way to keep a secret. Safety was all that was on Mum's mind right now. Elizabeth might even have to spend her birthday without her parents. In fact if her brother was not found soon there might not be a celebration at all. Her Mum would probably send orders to her nanny to hold a vigil for William. 'Oh, well, I can't predict the future,' Elizabeth thought, 'William will be fine, and I will go home to the Palace. But, on the other hand, I like staying at Windsor.'

They got out of the motorcar. The Castle was were they would live for the time being. They were lead to their new rooms inside the Castle.

They all loved Windsor Castle. When they were very young there were parties at the Castle. Anyone would think Sally extravagant if they saw those parties. They cost a fortune. But the Children loved them, even though they never got to watch.

They all got roomy apartments. Too roomy to be cozy, but still nice. Elizabeth liked the history of the Castle. Anastasia liked the horses. Zinnia liked the mazelike-ness of the Castle and the way a lot of Mummy's wealthy guests got lost. 'Mummy,' Elizabeth thought, 'if only she were here now. We would all have so much fun. Daddy, as well. Grandmamma and Mummy would through a small party for the family and everything would be all right.'

* * *

(Royal Albert Hall, March 24 2018)

Sally sat in her seat and tried not to show any emotion in public. Usually that was easy. But, not today, not with Baby missing. Sally never cried. She hadn't cried since before her wedding and that had been when she was still an actress and had been a young widow in a movie.

She tried to just listen to the orchestra. The music was quite nice. It wasn't opera or anything bad. Still (for the first time since her marriage) she just wanted to be at home with William and not in the public eye. (William was with her but they were not at home.)

'Is Baby even alive now? He could have been killed,' Sally thought.

* * *

(Buckingham Palace, March 25 2018)

Princess Sally sat on the sofa in the same privet sitting room she had been sitting in when she herd about Baby being missing. She and William were holding a meeting with the queen about what to do with Baby missing and a state visit to Cairo it four days. The state visit would last for a week.

"We have to go," Sally said, "We maid a promises to the people of Egypt and we should keep it."

William replied with, "Your right but, what will the tabloids say when we leave for a state visit when our son is missing?"

"Oh, do we always have to listen to them?" Sally asked.

"Sorry, but that's part of our reputation," William said.

"I know, but can't we go? I have always wanted to go to Cairo," Sally asked.

"You should go. It's your duty and you said you would go," The Queen told them.

"Yes, but, Baby is missing!!!" Sally said.

"Yes, I know, but what can you do? Think about it. Go to Egypt and have fun. I will call you if anything happens," The Queen said.

"Good, we can go," Sally said.

"All right we will go," William agreed.

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