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Rosie's World of Royalty

Royal Ficton

William and Sally

Chapter 1

On The 6th of July 2008 HRH Prince William married actress Sally Mack who was 20 years old at the time. On the morning of the wedding William was made Prince of Wales. (His father had given up his rights to succession to marry a divorced woman.) Sally then became his Princess. Sally's wedding dress was made of over 100 yards of silk. It was heavily embroidered.

On The 21st of April 2009 their first daughter was born at Buckingham Palace. They named her Elizabeth. Then on The 17th of March 2010 Sally had a pair of twins at Buckingham Palace. They were both girls. Sally and William named their twins Anastasia, and Zinnia. Their last child, a son was born on the 1st of February 2011 at Buckingham Palace. They named him William after his father.

* * *

(Buckingham Palace, March 21 2018)

Sally was sitting on the sofa in her private sitting room. She was watching television. "What's Her Name" on the Eastenders was up to no good again. How boring!!! She changed the channel to BBC 1. The news was on. That was better. More interesting anyway. Yet still dull. Prime Minister So And So was doing this and that and whatever. She had no desire to watch that.

Oh, yeah, " Monty Python's Flying Circus " was on BBC 2 right now! She changed the channel. That was good.

There was a knock at the door. "Come in," Sally called.

"Hello." The door opened. The queen was there. "I thought you should know that William is missing."

"Which William?" Sally asked automatically.

"Your son," Her Majesty said.

"Baby?" Sally asked, using the family nickname for young William.

"Yes, Baby," The Queen answered.

'I can't cry now,' thought Sally 'I just can't.'

"What do you mean William is missing?" Sally asked.

"I mean that your son is not here. He went out for a walk and he did not come back when he said he would. I sent a search party to find him. He is an hour late." Her Majesty said.

"Does William know?" Sally asked.

"Oh, yes. In fact it was William's idea that I tell you," Her Majesty was saying. "He thought you would take it better or something. He is very distraught. He told me that he does not want to see the look on your face. He thought you would cry. I told him you never cry but he never listens."

"The girls, do they know?" Sally asked.

"No, William wants to make sure Baby is not in the garden first. The police are here searching for Baby," The Queen said.

There was a second knock at the door. "Come in" Sally and The queen said in unison.

Sally's lady-in-waiting Violet came in. "Hello, Your Majesty and Royal Highness," Violet said.

"Sit down Violet" Sally ordered, forgetting to be polite.

"Thank you, Your Royal Highness," Violet said understandingly.

"Yes, Yes. What is it Violet?" Sally asked.

"The police can not find your son in the Palace or outside of it. His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales wants to tell your daughters," Violet said.

"Tell him we will be right there Violet," Sally said.

"Yes, Your Royal Highness," Violet said as she left.

"I think we should talk to William now," Sally said.

"I agree with you," The Queen said.

* * *

Sally, William and The Queen told the other children about Baby being missing. They took it well. Well considering the fact that there brother was missing.

Scotland Yard tried there best to find him. They talked to the FBI and other foreign government agencies. But Baby was no were to be found.

Chapter 2

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