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Rosie's World of Royalty

Royal Ficton

William and Sally

Chapter 3

(Buckingham Palace, March 26 2018)
Princess Sally leaned back in her chair. All she wanted was a minute of free time to do whatever she wanted. Now that she had that minute she wanted to enjoy it.

Then her Lady-in-Waiting, Violet came in the room.

"I am sorry to disturb Your Royal Highness, but an officer from Scotland Yard needs to talk to Your Royal Highness immediately," Violet said.

"Oh, do put him on the line, Violet," Sally said.

"Yes…Your Highness," Violet said, adding the "Your Highness" as an afterthought.

Violet left the room.

A few minutes later Sally's privet telephone rang. Sally picked it up.

"Hello, Her Royal Highness The Princess of Wales speaking," Sally said as she answered the phone.

"Oh, Hello this is Inspector James Brown from Scotland Yard," said the voice on the other end.

"How may I help you?" Sally asked.

"I need to ask some questions about your son for the investigation," Inspector Brown said.

"Sure, ask away," Sally told him.

"My first question is: When and were did you last see your son?" The Inspector asked.

"I saw him on March 20. I see my children everyday in my privet sitting room. March 20 was no different," Sally answered.

"What about March 21?" asked The Inspector.

"Some days I do not send for them until later. On the 21 I thought the children might come in at dinner for 10 minutes. I told their governesses to send them then," Sally answered.

"Do you love your children?" The Inspector asked.

"I can't talk anymore. Sorry I'm busy," Sally answered and hung up.

* * *
(Windsor Castle, March 27 2018)
Elizabeth and her sisters were settled in. They had lessons now, just like any other day. If only she could see her parents before they left. But, she knew that they were leaving in 5 days and she had almost no hope of seeing them.

The girls sat in Elizabeth's new sitting room. They had a fire in the fireplace and candy on a platter.

"Can I go for a walk in the gardens? Please?" Zinnia asked.

"No! It would be unsafe. Mum said not to leave the castle. You could be kidnapped," Elizabeth answered.

"Fine!!!!!!" Zinnia shouted.

"Zinnia, don't shout, its bad manners. You are a princess. Don't forget that," Elizabeth scolded.

"I am sick and tired of being a princess. You and Mum are so strict. There's no way I'll be queen anyway. If William dies or something you will be queen. You should get all the training and leave me alone," Zinnia said to Elizabeth.

"I won't be queen. You know that. I'm only third in line for the throne. William will come home safe and he will be king after daddy," Elizabeth said.

"Just leave me alone!!!!!!!!! I am all ways wrong!!!!!!!!!" Zinnia screamed.

"Please stop fighting," Anastasia said.

"I am not fighting, Zinny is," Elizabeth said.

"I know that. I want Zinny to behave," Anastasia whispered.

"I want my mum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Zinnia wailed.

"Don't cry. Please don't," Anastasia said.

"I'm calling my mum," Zinnia said.

"Oh, Zinny, Mums busy. She might call us later and then you can talk to her," Elizabeth said.

"No! Other children get to speak to there parents," Zinnia said angrily.

"Mum has to leave soon. Besides you are a princess," Elizabeth reasoned.

"I don't want to be a princess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Zinnia screamed.

"Go to your rooms and come out when you can stop screaming," Elizabeth said.

"Leave me alone!!! I never want to see you again!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Zinnia screamed as she left.


* * *
(Buckingham Palace March 29 2018)
Sally missed the children like crazy. She told the girls that she would see them before she left but now that seemed next to impossible. She was going to try but knew it would not happen. She thought of asking William to go to Windsor Castle with her right then since they both had a day with no public appearances, but she knew he would say no. No, she would ask him. The girls wanted to see their father just like they wanted to see Sally.

William said they could go. Sally made her lady-in-waiting hurry with her hair and dress. Then they got into a Roles Royce and grove away.

The increased amount of guards was beginning to drive Sally up the wall. There were two guards in the Roles Royce and 5 in the Range Rover that fallowed. 'Oh, it's worth it to be with the girls and you know that!!!!!!!!!' Sally thought.

When they got to the castle Sally almost ran up the steps. But, the butler came to the door and let them in.

They were led to Princess Zinnia's sitting room. Their daughters were all in the room.

"Good afternoon, Mummy and Daddy," The Princesses said together.


* * *
Sally liked her visit with her daughters. Zinnia's manners slipped quite a bit and once she screamed at her family. But Sally and William still spent two hours with the girls.

Chapter 2

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