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Rosie's World of Royalty


Ok, we all know about HRH Prince William and Family. (And if you don't then check out the Present Page.) But do you have any idea of what will hapen to them in the future? No? Don't feel alone! Most people don't. And I can only guess. But, then, who knows for sure? No one. Because there is no way of knowing. We will know when it happens. And not until then. But you can guess. I can guess.

But there are a few givens. Like William will grow up get married and have kids. Same for Harry. (What? You don't think that thay have to get married if thay don't want to? Well, thay have to have heirs don't thay?) But thats about it. After that thay may do any thing, within reason anyway. Like the year thay get married. That might happen when thay are 18 or it might happen when thay are 35. We don't know. We really don't. But you can guess. I can guess.

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