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Rosie's World of Royalty

Your Massages to the Queen Mother

These are some of the words that people submitted to the BBC Online "Talking Point" when asked to tipe their messages to the Queen Mother:

Happy 100th Birthday, Your Majesty! You have truly been a pillar of the Windsor's, especially during WWII. You insisted on staying during the blitz, even though others thought that you should have evacuated. What a wonderful testament to your commitment to the British people. God Save the Queen Mum!
Sarah McClary, United States

Congratulations on reaching 100 years of age, a magnificent achievement for a magnificent person. Happy Birthday your Majesty.
Stuart Normington, England

Serbian people will never forget days of the First and Second World War when our grandfathers fought with England and you. I wish that you live another 100 years. As bombs were falling on Belgrade last year, just like they were falling on London and Belgrade in April 1941, you were an inspiration then, just like you are today. Happy birthday!!!
Anna, Serbia

To HM Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, I wish a joyous 100th birthday. To those who are critical of Her Majesty, I only have to write that they are ignorant of history and know nothing of the sacrifices made by Their Majesties during the War. My grandmother, who turns 100 four days after Her Majesty, served in the US allied forces in the United Kingdom for four years and has often spoke about all that HM King George and HM Queen Elizabeth did during the War to keep up morale which was essential for victory. God bless you ma'am!
Tyler Warfield, USA

Although wealth can contribute to longevity, it is the blessing of God that has enabled you to live through a century and still look so great. All the women in Liberia join me in wishing you a happy birthday, and pray for God's continued blessings upon you.
Gindy, Liberia

Happy Birthday, your Majesty. Thank you for your support during those difficult times. You embodied the British spirit with dignity and style. God bless you Ma'am!
Jim Brown, The Hague, The Netherlands

The Queen Mother is a source of inspiration for millions of youngsters in India and around the world. We were touched by your generosity when you visited India. The whole nation salutes the great Mother.
Jyothi and Mahadevan, India

I am British, living in Colorado, USA. When I was 5 years old, the Queen Mother came to visit my school in Fulham, London. I remember curtseying, and she asked me; "If I liked the kindergarten"? A day I will always remember. Happy Birthday, Queen Mother!
Deborah Parkes, USA

Your 100th Birthday is a special day for you but others want to show they're happy for you too. May God bless you and be near you on this special day and keep you in His loving care along life's future way.
Joyce Stewart, Northern Ireland

May the Lord our God keep you safe in his arms, give you the joy of His presence and let you know His great love every coming day. God bless you, Queen Mum!
Karsten and Flavia Berger, Germany

Happy birthday to a wonderful lady who has graced our lives with such dignity. May she continue to enjoy health and happiness.
Ursula McKinlay, USA

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